Getting a Record Expungement in New Jersey

In October 2017, a new expungement law went into full effect for the state of New Jersey. Now, criminal charges can be wiped off a person’s record quicker and easier. SB 3307 reduced the waiting period for eligibility for expungement, as well as increase the number of convictions someone can expunge at a given time….. Read More

How to Stay Safe and Avoid a DUI on Halloween

Halloween night turns neighborhoods and cities into live-action candy stores and costume runways for children and adults alike. Besides trick-or-treating and scary movies, however, Halloween is also a night for partying and drinking. Forty-four percent of national fatal car accidents on Halloween weekend involved a driver with a BAC of .08 or higher, and 38…. Read More

How to Prevent a DWI Arrest on Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day is one of the year’s major holidays where friends and family go out and celebrate in the city. These celebrations bring the risk of drunk driving. New Jersey police officers will be out in full force during Labor Day weekend in order to catch suspicious drivers, so it’s crucial that you know how…. Read More