Do DWI Checkpoints Increase During Holidays?

Do DWI Checkpoints Increase on or Before Holidays?

Our blog explains drinking and driving charges in New Jersey

New Jersey law enforcement officials generally set up additional DWI checkpoints during holidays, such as Halloween and Thanksgiving. Also called “sobriety checkpoints”, these are locations where police stop drivers to test for signs of alcohol or drug intoxication.

This past Labor Day is a great example of how these checkpoints increase during holidays. During Labor Day, New Jersey law enforcement conducted “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over”, a nationwide initiative to catch drunk drivers. New Jersey police also increased patrols during this time for the same reasons.

You should expect the same to happen on Halloween, Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. With these holidays fast approaching, it is important to know what to expect if you are stopped at one of these checkpoints and what you can do if you are placed under arrest.

What Happens at a DWI Checkpoint?

First and most importantly, you are not legally required to proceed through a DWI checkpoint. You can turn around and drive the other way, such as by making a legal U-turn.

If you do proceed and are stopped, police will likely ask you to roll down your window and provide identification. At this point, you will be asked a series of questions. Police may ask if you have been drinking or where you are coming from or going. While you do not have to answer these questions, you do have to provide identification.

If police suspect you are under the influence, they may ask you to step out of the vehicle and perform a field sobriety test. You do not have to submit to a field sobriety test. In fact, there are many inherent risks associated with taking these tests, even while sober.

Continue to follow our blog for more information on what you can do if you are arrested for a DWI during the upcoming holidays. Our next blog is going to discuss the dangers of submitting to a field sobriety test and what you can do if you are arrested for failing or refusing these tests.

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