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A conviction for any drug charge has the potential to ruin your life. However, building a strong defense against these charges is more difficult than most people think. As soon as you are arrested, police may pressure you into making a statement that may be against your best interests. Unknowingly, you build a case against yourself and put yourself at risk for serious penalties, including the loss of state and federal benefits. Financial aid, foodshare, renters assistance and other programs are no longer available to you. With so much at risk, you should always contact a qualified Cherry Hill drug crimes lawyer as soon as possible after an arrest.

At Gelman Law, LLC, we understand how sensitive and serious the situation is when you are charges with a drug crime. Whether you are facing charges for possession or distribution of cocaine, heroin, marijuana, prescription drugs or anything in between, we have the resources, skill and experience to guide you through this difficult time. The criminal justice system can be overwhelming to navigate, particularly when it comes to drug crimes. However, Cherry Hill drug attorney David Gelman is here to help you.

What Is Possession of a Controlled Substance?

Possession of any substance listed under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) is a crime. The CSA is a consolidation of federal laws regulating the manufacturing and distribution of drugs. The CSA organizes all substances regulated under federal law into five categories or “schedules,” which are:

  • Schedule I. These have no accepted medical use and have a high tendency for abuse. Heroin, ecstasy, LSD and marijuana are examples of Schedule I drugs.
  • Schedule II. These drugs may or may not have an accepted medical use, but have a high potential to be abused and can lead to addiction. Some Schedule II drugs may be obtained through a prescription and are subject to stringent recordkeeping. Cocaine, amphetamines, methamphetamines, morphine and fentanyl are Schedule II substances.
  • Schedule III. Codeine, ketamine, anabolic steroids and hydrocodone with aspirin or acetaminophen are Schedule II drugs. These have a lower potential for abuse and some accepted medical use.
  • Schedule IV. These substances have a low potential for abuse, accepted medical use and a low chance for addiction, but may still be harmful. Drugs in this category include Rohypnol, Valium, Phenobarbital and Xanax.
  • Schedule V. Drugs with a lesser chance of side effects, low abuse potential and accepted medical use are Schedule V substances. This includes drugs like Codeine, which is subject to regulation but does not require a prescription.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Drug Charge Defense?

As soon as you have been charged with a drug related charge, you should seek legal counsel to minimize your risk of conviction. Drug crimes are treated seriously by law enforcement, especially in New Jersey. Furthermore, the difference between possessing illegal drugs and possessing illegal drugs with intent to distribute is huge. Your future depends on your lawyer’s ability to understand the law and work within the system to find creative defense solutions. Our law firm can investigate your case to identify ways to reduce your charges and/or the penalties you face.

You may be facing charges for possession with intent to deliver, or law enforcement may have discovered some paraphernalia in your vehicle or home. Otherwise, you may be facing charges for a legal prescription. No matter what drug charges are against you, we can help you find ways to reduce sentences. This includes charges ranging from sale of a controlled substance to a minor to manufacturing or producing a controlled substance. The smallest detail of your criminal case could change your life. Attorney David Gelman experienced and well equipped to defend you from any charge.

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Charged with possession of a controlled substance? Do you have questions about your rights or how to reduce a drug charge from a felony to a misdemeanor? Worried that mistaken wording has turned a traffic ticket offense to a felony? We examine every angle of your arrest to determine if law enforcement conducted searches or seizures properly. Our experienced staff will uncover any missing evidence and see if pretrial negotiations can help you in court.

Consequences from drug crimes vary based on many factors. The lawyer you choose does make a difference, so pick one who will fight for you. If you are facing any type of drug-related offense, then we are here to help. Call the Cherry Hill drug lawyer at Gelman Law, LLC at 856-433-1818 or contact us online for a free initial consultation.