Arrested for Theft?

Cherry Hill Theft Lawyer Explains Your Rights

New Jersey Theft LawyerA conviction for the crime of theft can seriously limit your opportunities. You may face serious consequences that include prison sentence and severe financial penalties. Furthermore, you may become ineligible for assisted housing, education grants and food share programs. It can be difficult to fight against aggressive prosecutors and clear your name, even if you are innocent. By hiring an experienced and reliable Cherry Hill theft lawyer to handle your criminal defense, you can even the odds against you. An attorney can craft a customized defense for you, and fight to reduce the charges and/or penalties you face.

At Gelman Law, LLC, we know how serious theft charges can be. Our theft attorney has successfully handled criminal charges in Camden County for years. If you are arrested or have a loved one in jail, then we can create a personalized strategy that works for you. Furthermore, we can negotiate bail to help you or a loved reduce stress by returning home. We are available 24 hours a day to best accommodate your situation and needs.

When Do I Need a Theft Lawyer?

If you have been arrested or charged with a theft crime, then you should seek the counsel of a criminal defense attorney immediately. Prosecutors have a professional duty to seek a conviction. They are obligated to seek the harshest possible level of offense they can obtain. Therefore, it is crucial that you fight to protect your rights to the fullest extent of the law. Various factors will dictate how severe a criminal offense you will be tried for. For example, shoplifting may be charged as a less severe disorderly persons offense. This can happen if the value of goods is under a dollar amount. An experienced theft attorney can help you identify these details and may reduce your sentence.

Our law firm can help you with a wide variety of theft cases, including:

  • Robbery: Robbery is a second degree crime but armed robbery is a first degree offense. Our attorneys can help you draft a defense that may reduce these charges.
  • Burglary: A burglary charge can sometimes be reduced to possession of burglary tools. By investigating the details, we can discover if your charges against you are fair.
  • Theft: There are many forms of theft. Theft of services happens when someone obtains services, instead of goods, by unlawful means. You may be charged with theft by deception or theft by extortion for either goods or services.
  • Property Theft: If you receive a package by mistake and do not return it, then you may be charged with theft of property. In some cases, you may receive a more severe charge, receiving stolen goods.
  • Shoplifting: Depending on the merchandise stolen, shoplifting charges may be reduced. Our theft attorney can create a defense that can reduce charges down a disorderly person charge.

How Can a Criminal Defense Attorney Help?

Without a guilty plea, prosecutors must prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt to obtain a conviction. You have a legal right to a defense that challenges the prosecution and pursues your best outcome. Our theft attorneys will use every resource to dismiss your charges or have them reduced. If a trial is unavoidable, we use creative and reliable defense strategies that may exonerate or lighten your sentence. Depending on type of case, it may be possible to make restitutions to an alleged victim to drop charges.

Immediately after your arrest, we seek to release you from custody on your own recognizance and reduce bail costs. Afterword, we investigate all charges against to determine if there was police misconduct. Examples of this include illegal search and seizure, illegal arrest, mistaken identity, racial profiling, fabricated testimony or fault forensic testing. Furthermore, we will try to prove faults in the prosecutions claims. They may be unable to establish ownership, possession of property, assign a false value or use coercion. There are many opportunities where our criminal defense attorneys can reduce or dismiss charges. The first step is to contact us.

Theft Charge? Call Our Cherry Hill Theft Lawyer for a Free Consultation

Facing charges of shoplifting, stealing, robbery or other kind of theft? Has a loved one been arrested for an alleged theft? Are you concerned about your name being damage and your families reaction? In New Jersey, you have the right to remain silent and contact an attorney. The sooner you call our legal team, the sooner we can work for you to avoid harsh penalties. We will scrutinize evidence and prepare a defense that is in your best interests.

You do not need to risk sustaining potentially severe punishments allowed by New Jersey law for theft. At Gelman Law, LLC, we can help prevent a permanent theft record and retain your eligibility for government and education programs. Our theft defense attorneys will make moves quickly to prepare your defense and protect your rights. Contact Gelman Law, LLC. online or call us at (856) 433-1818. Our Cherry Hill theft attorney can review the details of your case at no cost to you through a free consultation.